New Images Update

November 02, 2018

New Images Update

Hi all,

         It has been a busy few months on the home front and not nearly enough photographic adventures to be had either! But just enough to get a few good photo sessions in and some of which yielded some personal favourites so far.

New Images

Well I've had 2 adventures in as many months, both were very diverse but totally awesome. One was a family holiday up to Kooljaman, that was just perfect. If you have not seen, heard or visited Cape Leveque - Kooljaman, then I have a couple of images from the most infamous Red-Pindan Cliffs in Australia.

This area located north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsula, is not just a photographers paradise but also a great place to slip into full chill mode with the family and hang out at the beach all day. Of course if you are a bit more adventurous there are some amazing things to see and do around the area and is a great place to catch some fish. All things Kooljaman can be found here. 

Adventure number 2 was in the form of a Fathers Day gift, the kids decided I needed a chopper flight over Broome and it did not disappoint!! First time on a joy flight over Broome most have been work related, so it was an awesome experience just enjoying the flight and taking it all in. Of course I took my Step Father Gary up with me as a surprise, to thank him for raising me like I'm his own. Respect Gaz 👊🏼. Gaz has been on many photo adventures with me and really should be given partial credit for my Mangrove Under Southern Cross he kindly pointed out what ended up being the best composition which can be found here. 

The last adventure was just a drive about town to one of my favourite locations. More of an excuse to get out with my 2yo son and why wouldn't you take along the Fujifilm GFX50s medium format with you?

I have used Fujifilm's GFX50s more than a couple of times now and boy are the files it produces amazing! Such an awesome camera and has a selection of amazing glass (lenses) to go with it. See some of the aerial images from this camera in the new release section. 

Wet season is almost here and I really look forward to heading out on some photographic adventures, until then...

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